World of Tanks Roman: Verbündeter Feind

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Important Note: This is a novel in the German language.

Author Peter St. York creates an alternative historic scenario in which, for us, unbelievable alliances are formed. The narrative which takes place around the 28th of May, 1940, describes an extraordinary combat organization that is opposed to an impenetrable opponent in the northern France. The alternative story fiction is a gripping work and not just for World of Tanks lovers a readable, wonderfully pictorial novel.
  • First published - 23.05.2017
  • Format - novel
  • Pages - 320
  • Authors - Peter St. York
  • Language: German
  • 1 bonus code for existing players: 3 days Premium Account (PC and console)
  • 1 invitation code for the PC version (3 days Premium Account, Premium Tank Pz.Kpfw. T25, Garage Slot)

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