World of Tanks Personalised 3D Busts - French Tank Commander (Female)

Personalised 3D bust of yourself as a WWII tanker! You can choose from British, French, or German tankers and simply by uploading a picture of yourself, you will have your own personal bust in their uniform and beret. It couldn't be simpler. Also, don't worry, more nations are planned to be arriving soon too!

You can also add your name and a favourite icon or image which will serve as your clan logo. FabZat deliver and offer a high definition 3D print with 6 million colours at their disposal. The busts come in two sizes, regular 5,5 cm high and 7,5 cm high with far more details and likeness of the face. These unique items will be 3D printed, hand polished and varnished, and come with a certificate featuring the day of manufacture, its serial number, and signature.

  • Material: SANDSTONE
  • Multi coloured High Definition 3D print
  • Manufactured by FabZat (France)
  • Two sizes: small 5.5cm in height or large 7.5cm

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